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5 **MORE** Woman Run Companies – Making Products in the USA

Third in a series

Between the Sheets Sleep Shorts Between the Sheets Sleep Shorts

One of the aspects I really enjoy about writing this website and blog is discovering companies that are making their products here in the USA. There is an extremely broad range of products and the businesses are spread throughout America. I’ve started a series of posts that feature companies that are run by women. This posting will include companies making socks, lingerie, functional and yoga clothing, an innovative mat and products for the female gun enthusiast.

This is my third set of 5 companies (find the first one here and the second one here). You can rest assured that there are plenty more great American companies to be featured. In fact, if you know of a company that is run by a woman or women that is making their products here in the USA please let me know. I’d love to give their website a look and include them in a future feature.

1. Zkano Socks

Gina Locklear grew up in Fort Payne, AL which used to be known as The Sock Capital of the World. Unfortunately in the late 1990’s outsourcing took away much of the textile tradition of this small town. But Gina had grown up in a family who was running their own sock manufacturing company, Emi-G Knitting. In fact the company name was derived from the names of her and her sister. After years of hard work her family company grew to be a successful business and in fact one of their brands, Little River Sock Mill was one of the winners in the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made awards.

zkano Founder Gina Locklear

zkano Founder Gina Locklear

While her fathers business was becoming a success Gina discovered her passions for organic and green living and wanted to incorporate those into the family business. About 3 years ago she had an epiphany and realized that she could combine her desires of continuing her family’s sock making tradition, while supporting a sustainable lifestyle, and this could be done by creating an organic cotton sock.

zkano socks banner

zkano socks banner

The zkano socks are made from the highest quality certified organic ring-spun cotton which is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. They are comfortable, durable and better for the environment, their growers and knitters and of course their customers. Their socks are USA made, sweatshop-free and do not use any harmful, heavy metal dyes.

They make a wide variety of socks for men and women. Whether you’re looking for short sport socks or over the knee socks they have you covered. You can buy directly from their website where they feature both socks on sale and the ability to create your own three pack at a reduced price. Or you can shop on

zkano Socks Slide

zkano Socks Slide

They donate their “imperfect” socks to various charities and also take part in a charity called the mOM Doll Project. They also have information on their website regarding why they use organic cotton along with information about how we can all recycle socks and how they can help.

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2. RestoPresto

The RestoPresto story is another story of American ingenuity at work. Founder Candi Obrentz made an impromptu visit to Central Park in New York on a beautiful day without a blanket or towel to sit on. She ended up sitting on her jacket which became damp and grass stained. Vowing to not have that happen again she started an extensive search for a portable and versatile mat that she could have handy for both planned and spontaneous events. When she realized that a compact product like she was looking for was not available on the market…she created it herself!

RestoPresto - Candi Obrentz

RestoPresto – Candi Obrentz

Her product is lightweight with a small pouch that is cleverly designed so that the mat can be taken out and stuffed back in quickly. The open mat has drawstrings, loops and snaps so the configurations of the durable, soft, water-repellent and UPF 50+ fabric are endless. The RestoPresto comes in your choice of 8 great colors and even includes mini stakes to help keep it in place during use.

RestoPresto variety

Watch this video which introduces the product and shows you more about it’s use.

3. Nesh NYC

Nesh NYC is named after Ganesh, the Hindu deity who is the remover of all obstacles and commonly referred to as the “Lord of Beginnings”. Ganesh inspired the Nesh founders to create a line of clothing that can take women through their whole day without sacrificing style.

Nesh NYC was founded by Bree Chambers who is an Iowa girl turned New Yorker. After studying at at the University of Iowa, she moved to NYC to study fashion design at Parsons. She decided to expand her yoga practice by taking yoga teacher training which is where she was inspired to create this unique clothing brand.

Nesh NYC Olivia Pant

Nesh NYC Olivia Pant

On their homepage they have a link to a short video which Bree tells viewers more about the company. It’s only 2:21 so is worth the brief look.

Nesh Cashmere Hoody

Nesh Cashmere Hoody

The feature tops, bottoms, jackets, cashmere, bralettes, dresses and cashmere. Check HERE for their sale items and if you have questions about the fit, check their fit guide.

Nesh Bralette

Nesh Bralette

4. Offhand Gear

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This unique business is a one woman operation that features sassy apparel and functional gear for the female gun enthusiast. With an hour long commute to work, the founder had plenty of time to come up with the idea, the logo, and product ideas. And then she set it all in motion.

She has worked hard to expand store locations and her products can now be found in 17 states and in a growing list of online retailers including And if you’re not sure what you need today, why not pick up a Gift Certificate?

OffHand Gear - Mines Tighter Tee

OffHand Gear – Mines Tighter Tee

Check this page for information on their NORB. (No Ordinary Range Bag)

OffHand Gear - No Ordinary Range Bag

OffHand Gear – No Ordinary Range Bag

If you’re a female gun enthusiast, check out their site for clothing, bags and other gear. And be sure to check back because it looks like this little business will be hitting the target.

5. Between the Sheets Lingerie

Between the Sheets was founded by designer Layla L’obatti. She received her design education at New York’s Fashion Insititue of Technology and went to work for such intimates brands as Tommy Hilfiger and Nicole Miller. Wanting to bring her own designs to life she created the Between the Sheets collections of intimates and loungewear. She has also created the Layla L’obatti Specimans of Seduction collection.

Designer Layla Lobatti

Designer Layla Lobatti

Between the Sheets Deco Lace Chemise Red

Between the Sheets Deco Lace Chemise Red

Between the Sheets (BTS) is a partnership between Layla and her husband Josh Verleun. They received an economic stimulus loan in 2009 which allowed them to launch and ship their first product. They were able to pay it off by the end of 2014 and with their business continuing to expand they are truly living the American Dream.

Between the Sheets Lookbook - Summer

Between the Sheets Lookbook – Summer

BTS has product lines that include loungewear, lingerie, sleepwear and legwear. You can find their products on their website along with a limited selection at

Between the Sheets – Made in USA 250×250

Between the Sheets Lookbook Tempting Treats

Between the Sheets Lookbook Tempting Treats

Between the Sheets Lookbook - Loungewear

Between the Sheets Lookbook – Loungewear

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