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Flags of Valor Flags of Valor

Flags of Valor

I learned about this company when I came across this article in Entrepreneur Magazine. And of course I knew immediately that they needed to be included in this post.

Flags of Valor is proud to be more than a veteran run business. From their beginning they have been driven by two main ideas. First, that our combat veterans deserve opportunity. Second, the belief that Made in America still matters.

Flags of Valor - First Responder

Flags of Valor – First Responder

Brian Steorts founded FOV following his own personal journey as a paratrooper and Special Operations pilot. After serving 8 consecutive deployments, Brian found himself rehabbing from a service related injury. He began woodworking as a hobby and devoted himself to what he calls “creating a handcrafted, custom piece of pure Americana”. His hobby quickly became an obsession and as he worked to create a piece of art he was proud of, his skills developed into those of a craftsman.

Flags of Valor - Brian Steorts

Flags of Valor – Brian Steorts

Throughout his time in the military Brian had been surrounded by symbols reminding him of his commitment to serve. After spending years surrounded by pins, coins, patches and of course flags he found himself asking “Where’s My Flag” as he went through his new civilian routine. That simple yet profound question helped move him to found Flags of Valor.

He aimed to create a philanthropic organization and the founders understood the challenges faced by transitioning vets. The company hires veterans who buy into the shared vision. They believe in taking care of their people and have had zero turnover since they were founded.

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Flags of Valor - Ph. Chris Coppock

Flags of Valor – Ph. Chris Coppock

Their entire team has built their life on the idea of service. They continue that tradition by donating directly to first responders and veterans along with organizations such as the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Navy Seal Foundation, Officer Down Memorial Page, Lift Me Up and Luke’s Wings.

Their products are named to honor various battles such as Midway and Iwo Jima or groups such as First Responders or the Thin Blue Line.

Flags of Valor - Iwo Jima - Ph. Chris Coppock

Flags of Valor – Iwo Jima – Ph. Chris Coppock

Every flag begins its journey as raw wood specifically sourced from southern pine forests. Our artists hand select each plank for its grain, knots, and natural characteristics, then assemble into a blank canvas. Once the reverse is stained, they transition to the fine detail work of painting the 13 stripes, laying out the blue union, and delicately filling the field of stars. Each flag then goes through a lengthy antiquing process to highlight the intricacies of the wood until it is finally finished with polyurethane to protect it for many years to come.

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