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Featured Company – Olderbrother

Olderbrother Logo Sorona Tee Olderbrother Logo Sorona Tee

The folks at Olderbrother describe their clothing line in a simple manner that matches their style. Here is what they say:

Our universal garments, tailored to fit men, women, and those in-between equally. No gender, gender-neutral, unisex et cetera.

Olderbrother - Autumn-Winter 2016

Olderbrother – Autumn-Winter 2016

They work with eco-conscious textiles and create naturally, hand-dyed garments which are of course, made in the USA.

Olderbrother - Classic Hemp Shirt

Olderbrother – Classic Hemp Shirt

Don’t be in a hurry, Olderbrother is proud to occupy a position at the forefront of the slow clothing revolution.

Read more about Olderbrother in the New York Times Fashion Magazine.

Olderbrother Forty-Five Trousers - Gray

Olderbrother Forty-Five Trousers – Gray

Olderbrother - Blazemono - Natural

Olderbrother – Blazemono – Natural

Visit Kirrin Finch for another company making great clothing that stands apart from the conventional rules of gender based clothing.

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