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American Flags carry’s top quality American flags sewn by some of the nations’s oldest flagmakers. They are proud to include Annin Flagmakers, Valley Forge Flag and Eder Flags as integral parts of their product line.

They carry popular sizes ranging from stick flags to the huge flags you see at car dealers and stadiums. And they are such a success that they have become one of the world’s largest suppliers of residential and commercial-grade American flags.

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American Flags - Patriotic Gifts

American Flags – Patriotic Gifts

Their product line includes all sorts of flags including American flags, military flags and state flags. They also carry a wide selection of patriotic items and gifts. If you are looking for patriotic clothing, signs, art, grave markers or even political campaign items (Trump, Hillary & Bernie), include in your shopping.

Donald Trump - Throw Blanket

Donald Trump – Throw Blanket

Hillary Clinton Flag

Hillary Clinton Flag

American Flags - Flagpoles

American Flags – Flagpoles

And of course they also carry decorations such as bunting, flag garlands and banners. Also be sure to look at their full line of flagpoles and flagsets. If you have a business or are hosting any sort of party that needs a touch of Red, White & Blue they can certainly help out.

They also have a great deal of information regarding how to choose the right flag, proper flag care and etiquette and even a listing of the U.S. Flag Codes.

American Flags - State Flags

American Flags – State Flags

If you are looking to purchase your first US Flag, or a replacement flag then please check out this website. It’s a great place to go shopping and to add some Red, White & Blue to your life.

And don’t forget that although Mother’s Day has come and gone, there are some great gifts for Patriotic Mom’s.

AmericanFlags - Rhinestone Flag

AmericanFlags – Rhinestone Flag

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