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Made in America – Get Your Yoga On

Teeki Clothing Teeki Clothing

It’s amazing to me how much yoga has been growing. And that also means that every day we see more and more yoga apparel on people as they come and go. Here are some companies making their yoga apparel or gear here in America.

Hugger Mugger

Hugger Mugger has been in business for over 25 years and offers a full line of yoga gear and apparel. They are best known for their Hugger Mugger unisex shorts with the band around the thigh to conceal what is underneath and their sticky yoga mat. If you would like a little more information on their products, visit their product guide. Their guides will give you product specific information to help you decide which products are right for you.

You can also find Hugger Mugger products on

Hugger Mugger - Mats

Hugger Mugger – Mats

Temple Flower Activewear

Here is how the good folks at Temple Flower describe their company.

We want to bring color and light to your world. Temple Flower creates apparel and accessories imbued with our love for quality and elegance, sourced from the finest performance fabrics available, and hand-crafted in Los Angeles to withstand the test of time. We make garments that make you smile each time you step into the studio.

Temple Flower

Temple Flower


VPLNYC has a great line of clothing that you can wear for yoga, ballet, running or swimming.

And be sure to check out their Marl Spongy collection. Don’t forget that you can also find their products on

VPL. active

VPL. active

Heroine Sport

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This is a hybrid activewear collection that combines high fashion with a sporty attitude. The line is made with high-tech performance fabrics with rich details. These clothes will transition from day to night and from the streets into the gym.

Heroine Sport - Studio Capri

Heroine Sport – Studio Capri

Kira Grace

Their designs are the ultimate fusion of fashion and function. Kira Grace is obsessed with fashion and they love bringing the latest trends, prints and designs to your activewear closet. They are available on their website, many retailers and have a limited number of products on

Kira Grace Yoga Wear

Kira Grace Yoga Wear

Hard Tail Forever

Hard Tail is a premium active and lifestyle clothing brand located in Santa Monica, California. Hard Tail has become a leader in lifestyle clothing and features their signature design, a lovely range of colors and exceptionally soft fabrics.

They carry a complete line of lifestyle and active wear and can be found in many locations including on

Hard Tail offers gift certificates as well as discounts for fitness professional and yoga instructors.

Hard Tail Forever

Hard Tail Forever


Omgirl has been making yoga related clothing since 1997 when founder Megan Fielding created her first yoga inspired graphic tee. They have grown to include tops, bottoms and bras. I particularly like their use of olive. I think it looks great paired with their black items. And of course their products are proudly made in Los Angeles.

Omgirl - Vinyasa Olive

Omgirl – Vinyasa Olive


This company produces clothing meant to be both functional for your activity and stylish for wearing to and from the studio or gym. And it’s got a great, unique story since it was founded and is run by two Mother and Daughter teams.

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You can find Strut-This products on their webpage, by using their Where to Buy feature or on

Strut-This Flynn Capri

Strut-This Flynn Capri

If you are looking for yoga products such as mats, bolsters and cushions, please go to Bean or Bean Products on

Bean Products Yoga Mat

Bean Products Yoga Mat

Please also go to our previous posting of 7 Companies Making Functional and Fashionable Workout Gear and Teeki Yoga Wear for more great yoga wear.