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Made in the USA – 3 Companies We Discovered the Week of 3/28/2016

Mary & Kate, Mette Medical Scrubs, Pelle Activewear

Mette - Karin Mette - Karin

Once again we discovered a variety of companies with great products that are Made in the USA. This week we feature one product with teething rings for babies, one with leotards for young active girls and one with stylish medical scrubs for female medical professionals. All are certainly niche products but they are also all companies run by average people who discovered a niche and are striving to fill it.

One other interesting aspect of these companies is that they make extensive use of As you may already know, Amazon lists over 20,000,000 items as being Made in the USA. Granted, some of those listings are not accurate and you do need to check out the specifications of any product that you are going to buy. But they do have lots of products from A to Z.


Mary & Kate is a New York based company which makes an outstanding set of organic baby products made in the USA. Their product line has just a few items and they keep things simple by selling on

If you have a baby of your own or are looking for a great baby gift then please check out these items. Please note the prices because as of this writing all of their items are on outstanding sales and are all available on Prime.

The Wooden Baby Toy-Teething Ring Set is the most popular baby gift from the Mary & Kate Baby Collection. It’s made from untreated Maple wood and comes in an organic cotton gift bag. Each Teething Ring is unique with its own individual color variations and textures. It’s eco-friendly as a renewable resource and wood is perfect for teething rings since it is both naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. And right now it’s on a great, discounted rate of $13.99 which is 48% off.

Mary & Kate Teething Ring Set

Mary & Kate Teething Ring Set

They also have an alternative Maple Teething Ring that is treated with organic beeswax and olive oil.

Also be sure to take a look at their Teether Rattle, Teether Toy composed or two maple rings connected with 100% cotton fabric and their Teething Necklace for Mom to wear which has a maple ring and teething beads.

Mary & Kate Teething Rattle

Mary & Kate Teething Rattle

Mary & Kate Teething Necklace

Mary & Kate Teething Necklace

They also have a great gift set with 2 organic bibs, a wooden teether and a washcloth and a Swaddle Blanket that makes a great gift. It’s made with 100% organic cotton with no bleach, dyes or other chemicals.

Mary & Kate Swaddling Blanket

Mary & Kate Swaddling Blanket

And finally, not only do their products already have great prices but you can save even more with the code of MKBABY01. Using that code at checkout will give you 10% of 2 items, 15% off 3, 20% off 4 and 25% off 5 or more items. But remember, that promotion is active at the time of this posting but may end or change in the future.

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Mette Medical Scrubs

If you are a female medical professional you may have grown tired of wearing the same old scrubs that don’t fit right and have a noticeable lack of style. That’s what Mette Singer used to think but she went out and did something about it. She has created medical scrubs that look and fit great and will keep you comfortable throughout your long, busy day. They are easy to care for, durable and are Made in the USA.

Mette was born and raised in Denmark and started sewing at the age of 7. She became a medical professional and worked in several European hospitals before moving to the USA in the 1980’s. During her career in which she wore scrubs everyday, she realized that they really didn’t fit very well, weren’t very comfortable, didn’t have much style and didn’t hold up to the active pace of her jobs. So, she took matters into her own hands. She got out her design pencil and her sewing machine and started searching for just the right fabric. Soon she was making her own scrubs and the rest is history.

Mette Singer - Founder

Mette Singer – Founder

Mette uses Cool Dry fabric which is also used in high performance athletic wear. It’s soft, lightweight, stretchy and provides long-lasting fit. The fabric wicks moisture from your skin, is antibacterial and prevents odors. It comes in a Poplin and Sateen and the blends are made with 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

Mette - Vivi Top

Mette – Vivi Top

There are plenty of sizes and styles to fit any woman and any woman’s taste. Sizes range from XS to XXXL and in lengths from petite to tall. They understand that women have curves and they keep that in mind when designing how their scrubs look and fit. Whether you prefer colorful prints or solids they have you covered. They also have great looking affordable maternity styles so you never have to look anywhere else for your medical scrubs needs.

Mette - Christina Maternity Pants

Mette – Christina Maternity Pants

They have a great offer for FREE SCRUBS. They have one offer for people who write reviews and another for people recommending their products. And once your co-workers see how fabulous you look, they will be clamoring for your secret!

Mette - Marie Black and White Top

Mette – Marie Black and White Top

They also understand that going to nursing school brings a whole lot of expenses with it. So they offer a STUDENT DISCOUNT to help out. And student’s don’t forget, once you get your first job you can take advantage of their free scrubs offer mentioned above.

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You can find Mette Medical Scrubs on their own website store, in many stores selling scrubs and on

Mette - Allie Top

Mette – Allie Top

Pelle Activewear

This may be the shortest feature I’ll ever write. There just isn’t much information on their website. But, they are certainly selling a product that many little girls need and they do list their items as being Made in the USA.

Just about the only information on their website is what follows.

We’re a family owned business located on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State. Pelle has sold to gymnastics pro-shops across the USA since 1993. Owen and Shawn Fowler (husband and wife) bought Pelle in 2008.

They offer fun and colorful leotards and biketards and usually each print is available in both styles.

Pelle Biketards

Pelle Biketards

You can purchase their products from their own web store and on They also are listed at a number of retailers and websites discovered through a Google search. On their store they offer both a size chart and a count of how many are in stock. Their sizes range from 3T – AS or from what they list as from 25 lbs to 103 lbs.

They list just a little more information on Amazon.

Pelle has sold to gymnastics pro-shops across the USA since 1993. We’re tag-less (no scratchy tags), fussy about the quality and feel of the fabrics we choose, and use a soft, durable thread. Pelle biketards utilize a gusset in the crotch (like high-performance shorts and underwear), resulting in a more comfortable garment.

Pelle Paint Fling Leotard

Pelle Paint Fling Leotard

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