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National Hammock Day – July 22, 2015

My backyard hammock My backyard hammock

Did you know that July 22nd is National Hammock Day? That means it’s time to either dust off your current hammock or better yet, to buy a nice, new American made one.

Nags Head Hammocks – Handcrafted in North Carolina

Nags Head Pillow Top Hammock

Nags Head Pillow Top Hammock

Born on the Outer Banks (OBX) by a beach dude who was really into hand made hammocks, this business now has 3 store front locations.

At the Kill Devil Hills and Duck stores there are still craftsman hand weaving hammocks. I’m told that they just might let you try your own hand at the art of hammock weaving.

If you have questions on anything from what size to buy to how to get in and out of your new hammock, check out their  FAQs

They love to post pictures of happy clients relaxing in their hammocks. So if you own one or purchase one, make sure to send a selfie.

Pawleys Island Hammocks Handcrafted in Coastal Carolina since 1889.

Pawleys Island Rope Hammock

Pawleys Island Hammock

Whether you’ve owned a hammock before or are shopping for your first one there is a lot to know. Check out their website for a history of the rope hammock which is the American standard. Continue reading to learn about their quilted, soft weave and poolside models. Where you live and the climate you’ll be relaxing in does make a difference in what might be the best hammock for you.

Many people prefer to shop on Many of the Pawleys Island Hammocks are eligible for Prime purchasing. And it’s tough to beat that free 2 day shipping. Order now and you may have it for National Hammock Day!

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Sluice Gear Hammocks Designed for easy setup

This is a small company that’s based in…you guessed it…North Carolina. They have a limited product line but one thing that sets them apart is that they have a model that is sized for children!. Yep, while you or you and your partner are relaxing in comfort, so can your child. These are lightweight and easy to set up so are great to take to the park or for camping.

Pick one up at their online store or go to to get your new hammock.

Hummingbird Hammocks A Kickstarter success story

This is another small company based in Monument, Colorado. They promise high quality, lightweight and a small packing size. They also have the Mega Hammock. A monster hammock that is built for three adults.

You can buy at their online store or make your purchase at

Clark Jungle Hammock – Serious Quality – Serious Gear

This company makes products that a bit pricier than others but from the reviews I’ve read it’s worth it. These aren’t the lounge around the backyard hammocks that you may be interested in. But if you are a serious traveler that wants a combo tent and hammock then check these out.

You can go shopping on their website or of course head to

I’ve found lots of companies making hammocks while doing my research. I love the hammock I’ve got out in the back yard and want to help others enjoy the comfort of simply lounging. Check back because I can tell I’ll be adding more hammock companies to the Buy American List.

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