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National Lumberjack Day – September 26th, 2015

AKA: National Pancake Day

Lumberjack Collen Lumberjack Collen

Lumberjack Day (which was later also named National Pancake Day) was invented in 2005 by Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable as an excuse to go out eat a TON of pancakes and waffles with friends. They were also completely sick of pirate-themed parties, hence lumberjack day coming exactly one week after the popular “Talk Like a Pirate Day”.

In 2007 Lumberjack Day expanded in Brooklyn and the famous JUNIOR’S DINER was taken over by 50 people covered in plaid and axes.

Lumberjack Marianne

Lumberjack Marianne

Here is where you can read more about Lumberjack Day. This great site is full of all sorts of information on lumberjacks in general along with the history of the day.

You can read through an expansive list of lumberjack jargon like:
Swedish fiddle: a crosscut saw
Nosebag: a lunch bucket

Make sure to check out the page with lumberjack jokes that you’ll definitely want to tell on Lumberjack Day. Here’s one for starters. What did Tim say when it was so cold all he could remember was his name?

One of the most important pages is How To Celebrate. You can get great suggestions such as:
*Dress in your best plaid flannel, boots, and suspenders.
*Bring as many axes as you can carry to work.
*Go out for pancakes/waffles with all of your friends or dress like a pancake/waffle and lose all of your friends.
*Make something out of wood (like craft sticks, chopsticks, toothpicks, your neighbor’s cut down dogwood, which you have NO IDEA how it got cut down)
*Grow a manly beard or glue one on.

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Check out the OFFICIAL LUMBERJACK DAY animation. Improvised by CAFV and animated by Sir Scott Bateman back when the holiday started.

Stormy Kromer The Original Cap

Stormy Kromer The Original Cap

And of course if you’re a real lumberjack looking for tough, American Made Work Clothing check out these following links. You can find boots, jeans, shirts and coats along with hats (Of course where a hard hat when working)

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Stormy Kromer

And of course to take care of your manly, lumberjack beard, how about some beard balm or beard oil.