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Pro-Tect Copper Infused Socks

Pro-Tect Socks

Created to help law enforcement and the military utilize additional technical properties in socks, Pro-Tect has expanded to included socks for athletics, hiking and for customers with diabetes. They use material that is 100% sourced from the USA and are based in North Carolina.

Pro-Tect Copper Infused Compression Sock

Pro-Tect Copper Infused Compression Sock

Copper Socks are made with a copper infused technology to add numerous health benefits to your footwear. Although copper is becoming increasing well known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, copper also aids in other ways. Click HERE to learn more about copper sock technology including how the U.S. Marines and NASA are testing these products.

Pro-Tect Diabetic Socks have been manufactured in North Carolina since 1970. If you are a family member lives with diabetes, you know the importance of maintaining excellent foot care. These socks have important features such as the use of TransDRY treated cotton to make these first class diabetic socks. And of course, they are COMFORTABLE!

Pro-Tect Diabetic Quarter Sock

Pro-Tect Diabetic Quarter Sock

Pro-Tect also provides a special line of athletic socks with copper defense technology, designed to reduce unpleasant odors by eliminating the microorganisms that cause them. Whether you are looking for socks to use as a runner or for just getting out for long hikes, they have a style for you.

Pro-Tect Low Cut Men's Sock

Pro-Tect Low Cut Men’s Sock

Pro-Tect Low Cut Women's Sock

Pro-Tect Low Cut Women’s Sock

And don’t forget. You can also find Pro-Tect Socks on Amazon.

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